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Aquatico is OUT NOW!

Overseer Games

12. sij 2023.

Take a deep breath. Aquatico has been released!

Today, one of the most important parts of our long development is coming to an end.

Aquatico has been released!

You can now dive deep into the oceans and start building your submerged Utopia. The task is not easy, but with good planning and an ambitious vision, everything is possible.

Our entire studio wishes you a warm welcome and a successful journey. There isn't much we can say about the game that hasn't been said already. The release version contains quite a lot of the things you haven't seen in demo version yet, and that especially goes for the later game content that wasn't reachable in the demo anyways.

The demo itself will be kept on the Steam store page, and regularly updated as well to match the release game version. It will of course remain much more limited in scope, but still a good look into the full game. Anyone on the fence if Aquatico is the experience they're looking for - you can always grab the demo and take a look with no strings attached.

We'd like to emphasize that we don't consider our work done just yet. We'll be standing by to offer any assistance, join into conversations and continue to work on updates and any potential patches. Alongside that, we already have a decent list of further improvements and additions, all gathered in the last several months by numerous players of the demo, both Playtest versions and the pre-release game version as well. All that will form a basis of the post-release updates where we plan to refine and upgrade the gameplay experience further.

Check out the game on Steam and Epic Games Store!

We're looking forward to seeing what beautiful underwater cities you'll create, let us know your thoughts and suggestions. If you experience any technical issues, you can report them in the bugs & technical thread on the Steam forum, or join our Discord.

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