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Experience. Vision.



Overseer Games is an independent publisher and game development studio from Croatia.


A small, but agile and capable team of industry veterans and young talented developers creating appealing and challenging gaming experiences. 

Successfully publishing in-house projects gives us the experience needed to bring games from other developers to the wider market.

We understand how games are conceived, created and brought to the market from our own experience, and we’re ready to utilize that experience in garnering future success for all the games we work with.



Build and conquer in Kaiserpunk, the ultimate city builder and grand strategy combo set in an alternative 20th century world. Engage in epic battles on land, sea, and air, or use your economic power to emerge as the ultimate victor.


Five pillars of gameplay in Kaiserpunk

Dive into what the basic building blocks of Kaiserpunk gameplay are

City building in Kaiserpunk

Check out what the you'll have at your disposal to build the best possible capital city in Kaiserpunk

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